Hi! I’m Ann Kelley. I love to write! Everywhere I look, I see stories – in a child’s face, in a rocketship, in an animal’s eyes, even in a rock. I want to know their stories. I’ll imagine what it’s like to be that child or that rock or that rocket in the sky. I’ll ask questions like how did you get here, where did you come from, why are here now, where are you going, and what affects you. Then, I’ll make up a story.

Children inspire me. My background has always involved working with children as a counselor, caseworker, therapist, literacy aide, substitute teacher, preschool teacher and camp director. As a children’s book writer, I write to spark imaginations, to share my love of the music that words have when strung together, and to tell stories about characters who need a voice.

Discover. Invent. Write. These are my passions.

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